Speculative Computer Club

Speculative computer club, is a platform where we take the present to pieces and then gather them together according to the rules that we have made up ourselves.

Within the scope of the club we are planning:

The computer club, where we can use games not as intended, the club that treats the present eyes wide open and appropriate technologies that can be reused.

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20% — not Vasya

9 Jan 2017

When you are interacting with an artificial intelligence it is always assuming a 20% probability that you might be someone else. Digitalized, transformed into data, the face loses all humanity.

A set of referent points are processed at a rate several times faster than the human capacity for information processing. A person who is not equipped with a special tool kit for interpreting data cannot gain an inkling of these internal processes. In practice, the human countenance begins to resemble an input channel for robots. The face seems to be no longer itself: it turns into an interface, sometimes broken, but still an interface. From an algorithmic perspective there is no significant difference between the face as an interface and a set of buttons or a light sensor. In order to restore the face with human meaning, it is the algorithms themselves which should be socialised. We are not becoming cyborgs; machines are becoming humanised. A human starts to work as a human, teaching machines to be human-like, checking whether their actions match those of humans. Are there any data abnormalities at this point? Is it possible for a machine to have an imagination? Could headhunter websites recruit an AI psychologist?

The story-thriller.

Beer, goodies.

Internet-cafe Discount. Klimentovskiy Lane, 12-6. Metro Tretyakovskaya, Novokuzneckaya

Materials #0

Here you will find the training materials on the architecture of networks, the distribution of ownership of the IT infrastructure and the expropriation of technologies. Do not doubt, this is a great opportunity to know who will rule the world, when all states drown in the world ocean under the weight of the wires wrapping them.